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Naughty or Nice

Naughty or Nice

Christmas is (again!) just around the corner. We love the lights, the festive spirit, cheesy music and even the ugly Christmas sweaters (on others). However, we do not like shopping frenzy that surrounds this most wonderful time of the year.

Over the years, we have developed a shopping strategy which works best for our family. Here are some guidelines, which I hope you'll find helpful. 

1. Online shopping

Although most people we know still buy their presents in brick-and-mortar stores, we love online shopping. In fact, we do most of our shopping online anyway. That way we get to think twice whether we need a product (duh, we always need it!), we can read reviews and we can compare prices. And you can shop in your PJ's. Just make sure to leave enough time for your products to arrive.  

2. Shop small

That is our shopping rule all year round and not just during holiday season. We support small indie businesses, because we know how hard it is to keep one alive.

 Photo credit: Tiny Tomboys

Photo credit: Tiny Tomboys

Holly by Tiny Tomboys - E-mail us your order or DM on IG / Gingerbread man - Slastičarnica Vincek, Zagreb

3. Shop less

For Christmas, Tiny Tomboys get one bigger present together which they learn to share. They each get one small trinket and at least one book. We are trying to reduce clutter, as well as going overboard financially. Grandparents are in charge of buying candy. We do like to bake our own Christmas cookies.  

 Photo credit: Tiny Tomboys

Photo credit: Tiny Tomboys

Olli Ella Wooden Holdie House and Fabelab Bear Stocking available on Acorn and Pip / Mistletoe and Holly by Tiny Tomboys - send us an e-mail for your order / Gingerbread man - Slastičarnica Vincek, Zagreb / Animal figurines - Schleich / Puppy by Main Sauvage

4. Buying (gender) neutral gifts

We always tend to buy gender neutral toys for the Tiny Tomboys' bedroom/playroom and we don't buy any Christmas themed pressies. We use book covers to transform the place into more festive mood. Before purchase, toys have to pass three strict rules:

1. Are they safe? 

2. Are they creative? 

3. Are they durable?

 Photo credit: Tiny Tomboys

Photo credit: Tiny Tomboys

Janod Penguins Skittles Game  available on Acorn and Pip

5. Early birds

We start our shopping in October, which may sound a bit too early. But. This way we get to plan our spending carefully and by the time most people get batsh*t crazy, we're done with Christmas shopping.  

 Photo credit: Tiny Tomboys

Photo credit: Tiny Tomboys

In case you need more ideas, we curated some of the things we love from a lovely online store we discovered recently - Acorn and Pip... 

1. Janod Animal Magnetic Educational Game

2. Fabelab Cloud Mobile

3. Janod Nutty Balance

4. Kid's Concept Neo Rocking Woolly Mammoth

5. Large White Swan with Pink Tweed Beak

Photo credit: Acorn and Pip

...and of course, we compiled some of our favourite (winterish) books. 

1. Patricia Toht, illustrations by Jarvis: Pick a Pine Tree

2. Natalia and Lauren O'Hara: Hortense and the Shadow

3. Ella Bailey: One Day on Our Blue Planet

4. Clement Clarke Moore, a pop-up by Robert Sabuda: The Night Before Christmas (pop-up book)

5. Jennifer Adams, art by Alison Oliver: The Nutcracker, a dancing primer

6. Kate Messner, art by Christopher Silas Neal:  Over and Under the Snow

So, are you on Santa's Naughty or Nice List?


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Biorela Choco Multi Kids

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Philips AquaTrio Pro VS Tiny Tomboys